#Review of Dither by Dither, HenceForth records, 2010


Review of Dither by Dither, HenceForth records, 2010

This cd begins in almost innocent way, several seconds of soft and impalpable, almost glitch sounds lost in a distance, force to raise the threshold of the attention, to look at the timing on the cd player, to wonder if we should rise the volume … please don’t do it, almost one minute later four distorted guitars unload a dark, heavy sound, like Black Sabbath’s band in drug’s abstinence and in a slow motion while a drum repeats its obsessive tum-tum, like the one you can listen to in the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.
The guitars repeat to libitum their mantra it seems to pay its tribute to nihilistic No Wave of the ’70 anfetaminic New York then to historical minimalism or to the Glenn Branca’s extremism. But it is not everything like this, the first passage after six minutes of heavy noisy sounds gives signs of collapsing, feedbacks start to fall, while everything progressively melt down. I look with suspicion at the cover of the cd, after a begining like this … what I have to wait for? Instead Dither is full of contrasts, of lights and shades, quoting continously No Wave, minimalism, avantgarde extremism, post rock (the guitars of Pantagruel decidedly smiles to Tortoise), the congestion of the post modernism. All is quoted, elaborated and spited, delicate arabesques (that remaind the best Fripp and Eno’s) inserted inside nihilistic and twisted geometries, metal drones of guitars from the Scandinavian doom united with structures worthy of Branca and Chatham. Dither watches Gotham City, the dark New York, the models are Elliott Sharp (who signs the note inside the cd) and certain things gone out recently in Clean Feed label, they are good, they are heavy, and they don’t hide a certain irony, it’s all cerebral avangarde but not chic radical, no good living rooms but so many feedback. Please no Lenny Bernstein’s admirers requied.