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Review of Souvenir by Enea Leone, Stradivarius 2011

Very well. Lately the italian label Stradivarius had recorded several different executions for guitar, especially about contemporary music but it was some times (in 2011) that the indipendent label didn’t release anything about classical guitar music.
So I’m very glad to review this exit for the Guitar Collection: Souvenir by Enea Leone.
This Souvenir arrives from a musical journey in the XIX century with the music by Guido Regondi and Napoleon Coste. You will ask, why another recordings of the music of these two composers?
Standing the excellent artistic qualities of the interpreter, the excuse to purchase this new record is given by the presence of two “world premiere recordings” of compositions by Giulio Regondi: : “Air varié de l’opera de Bellini I capuletti e i Montecchi” and “Fantasie uber Mozart Don Giovanni” and “Imaginations uber Mozart Don Giovanni”, recently discovered inside a manuscript by Josiah Andrew Hudleston, an English guitarist of same period. The notes on the book insice the cd informs us that in the same volume have been found, besides these two compositions never sights before, also the most ancient version of the Ten Studies, discovered in the 1989.
It don’t think that these passages could “add”anything else to what we already know about guitar’s repertoire of that century: for classical guitar were composed transcriptions and reductions by the most famous Opera, to be able to be played in the good living rooms of the dawning industrial and merchant middle class, but their listening is however pleasant and well interpreted.
We can say the same about the other passages on this record: always by Regondi his “Introduction et Caprice op 23” and his “Nocturne Reverie op.19”, by Napoleon Coste instead Enea Leone plays “Les Soirees of Auteuil op. 23”, “Caprice You Cachcuca op.44″ and Souvenirs de Jura op.44.” A great beginning for Enea Leone to which we wish a long and happy career.