#Review of Agustin Barrios Medallon Antiguo by Enea Leone, Stradivarius 2013 on #neuguitars #blog


Enea Leone is back with a new record devoted to classic guitar’s music, produced by the italian indipentent label Stradivarius. After the beautiful cd Souvenir dedicated to the romantic music by Coste and Regondi, released in 2011, here he plays a  new work entirely dedicated to the music of Agustin Barrios, now considered one of the greatest guitarists composers of his era.
This CD shows 15 of his passages, all of great value and all characterized by the simultaneous presence of different styles and influences. Barrios compositions are inspired both by the classic european models, baroque, romantic European and both by folk music, songs and dances of Latin America.
With a  curious “Amarcord” effect even Maestro Leone chose to be portrayed on the cover of the CD with a old color photos showing him in a pose very similar to those published in the CD and the booklet that comes with it , all vintage photos by Barrios himself.
I would not want that this purely iconographic choise (and still a pleasant effect) would generate in the listener the belief of being in front of a  falsely languid or nostalgic record type, none of this Enea Leone moves Barrios with ease in the modern repertoire  demonstrating not only considerable technical and stylistic quality (already amply demonstrated in Souvenir CD), but also the ability to interpret this music without having to prove a particular nostalgia for the past. I know that it is no longer fashionable, but I want to congratulate not only the performer but also the sound technicians Andrea Dandolo, Luca Maria Burrocchi and Daniele Marinelli. Years ago evaluating a disc meant also to given an assessment at the recording quality and the work done in the studio, and CDs, especially those of classical music, was acquired taking into account their sonic performance and not just the beauty of interpretation, I would like to take up this healthy habit too hastily shelved by the “ear sonic plateux” generated from listening too many mp3s.