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Review of Maledetti by Enrico Merlin Valerio Scrignoli electric guitar duo, 2017

This is such a problem. I’m listening to this work recorded by the “dynamic duo” Enrico Merlin and Valerio Scrignoli devoted to one of the most ever beloved and controversial Italian bands : the Area. OK. I try to write, I listen and listen to it, I have tried to keep my writing path in balance between my personal ideas about the Area and the emotions that come into my ears and from my brain, but I can’t do it. I’m writing again for the fourth time this review and thanks to all this job “ “perso la memoria del XV secolo quindici. XV il. abbiamo secolo perso perso il memorio, secolo abbiamo quindici abbiamo perso la pappetta, pappina, pappona…” ho perso…” I lost …
Let’s try to give some order, I can’t derail, eh, Enrico Merlin and Valerio Scrignoli deserve it, and also the Area deserves it even though I did not live in those years, I came to their records after many years later, after discovering the King Crimson, thanks to the suggestion of a friend (before the internet all the music fans had at least one mentor friend telling them “You like that? Then you have to listen to this too …” and far away, hidden to the eyes of the followers of San Remo and the Festival Bar…far away just a small piece of paper with a name written on it, the title of an album .. .
I look for some support in the phenomenal book by Valerio Mattioli, “Superonda Storia segreta della musica italiana” to try to describe the Area in a way that doesn’t resonate superficial: according to Demetrio Stratos the Areas were “cinque musicisti che hanno una rabbia repressa perché hanno suonato per tanti anni quello che volevano i padroni.”(page 356), read it, it’s an excellent book, especially the chapter about Cramps and the Area.
When I read that Enrico Merlin planned to work on the Area I was worried: who want to touch the Area? Even after so many years their fame, their aura, their credibility have remained perfect, intact, without ever being worn out by the time, the criticisms, the society in which we live. And the music? Ah well, the music … have their music time? Why? Has a song like “Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (Nero) lost its sense in these days? Why do we miss something listening to “Evaporazione” today? Because times change yes, but the substance remains … and the men, all in all, don’t change so much … history is a wheel that rotates and grinds, it doesn’t stop and often returns …
So? And then it takes courage to take up the Area, to dismantle their music and to read them again .. thanks God that all this was made by Enrico Merlin and Valerio Scrignoli, let’s think about if a symphony orchestra could try to play the Area…oh my… those painful interpretations … bugs, rock music, poor music, are cleansed, sweat, calluses, anger, desire are robbed, swallowed, and brought to high society, theater stages … I’m glad that their music has been played by Enrico Merlin and Valerio Scrignoli first, but are two guitars enough? Can only two electric guitars recreate the thickness sound, the dense music dough of the Area?
I don’t know, listening to the record, sometimes I say yes, sometimes I think no, there are no percussions … and Demetrio’s voice? But we can’t go back ro Demetrio Stratos, yes the quotation, the appetite sampler in “Evaporation”, very right, but yes: two guitars are enough. Just do not overdo it, just to respect the Area, bring their energy back to life, you just have to believe in the Area, lick their music and reconstruct it, political ideas are far away, militancy is over and over, but ideas remain ‘and maybe they were right ideas, given the times we are experiencing … they cancel, in a sense, Merlin and Scrignoli, give up many of their musical identities, Maledetti is a humble record, they give up to their virtuoso skills, they bring back the Area’s music. Does it seem to you a little thing? It’s a lot! There is almost no ego on this record, two guitars and posters of the Area and their discs, I suppose listened and replied to the exhaustion, looking for an idea … of a signal, a path, a sign to highlight, Bring it back to light, shine on guitar strings …
Listen to this disc if you know the Area and also (and above all) if you do not know them, find it, it requires some times, discover and respect them as Enrico Merlin and Valerio Scrignoli did. As I finish listening I have thought: could this be one of those records that Mike Patton and Marc Ribot could play? One of the records they still miss? Maybe yes …. but two Italians have arrived before ..

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