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Enrico Merlin è chitarrista elettrico ed acustico, banjoista, storico della Musica Afro-Americana e del Rock oltre che ideatore e organizzatore di eventi artistici. Enrico Merlin è considerato un degli esperti mondiali di Miles Davis, del quale ha compilato il più completo catalogo delle opere edite ed inedite. Qui potete ascoltare la sua musica.

Enrico Merlin is electric and acoustic guitarist, banjo player, an expert in African-American and Rock Music as well as founder and organizer of artistic events.  On the musicology front, Enrico has an undisputed worldwide reputation as one of the most important experts on the music of Miles Davis. His comprehensive and painstakingly detailed catalogue of released and unreleased works, parts of which have been published both in written and in multimedia form (first and foremost the DVD «A Different Kind of Blue – Miles Davis at Isle of Wight», Eagle Vision), led to his nomination back in the 90’s by Gordon Meltzer (Davis’ last producer) as the official discographer for the milesdavis.com website.  I’m glad to host Enrico’s podcast on Neuguitars, listening to some of his musical creations!