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Review of Edit Peptide by Bubblemath, Cuneiform Records, 2017

What are the problems that you might encounter by listening to music that is easily identified in popular music genres? I think is the fact that those very specific genres in terms of musical structure are often alien to change, retaining a conservative attitude that in the long time prevents not only every experimentation but also any stylistic renewal, condemning the style itself to a slow death for starvation.
Progressive genre in the past has been very close to this form of cultural and stylistic death, coming to even provoke feelings of pure hatred by other music fans who love other types of popular music, punk mostly. Perhaps the motives were not so unfounded: excessive protagonism, endless virtuosity, sugary and mediocre music, unnecessary and ambitious solos, dresses and attitudes just as trivial and ridiculous.
Fortunately, Progressive seems to have learned this lesson and if it continues to exist, it’sbecause it has “updated” some of its features: virtuosity has become a trademark, such as the use of odd times and musical quotes from Zappa to King Crimson.
Bubblemath belong to this new … nu-progressive generation , their music is characterized by a constellation of quotes, fast and aggressive rhythms, mathematical musical structures, solos that seem to develop algorithms and so much energy.
There is not a single moment of breath in this record, the rhythms are as fast as the songs and each of the members of the band does its best to contribute to a virtuous but at the same time energetic and not lazos music. Great listening for Progressive’s enthusiasts.