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Review of Talea by Paolo Angeli, AnMa ReR, 2017

The release of this new (double) cd played by the Italian guitarist Paolo Angeli is a wonderful opportunity to talk about his music but also to resume a more specific discourse about the discography of this genius guitarist.
This cd is not the first “live” album released by Angeli, his previous “Tibi” dates back to 2010 and already fascinated us not only for the quality of the music but for the presence of the beautiful DVD and 5.1 surround sound allowed a very exceptional listening quality of those that were (and are) all the expressive possibilities offered by Paolo’s talent and the talents of his unique instrument, the Sardinian prepared guitar.
I returned to listen to (and enjoy) Tibi, at the time it was released I was hit mainly by his sound qualities and being perfectly able to grasp one of the most important aspects of Paolo’s art: his incredible skill as a live musician . Comparing this double “Talea” faithful testimony to the Solo World Tour 2015/16 (which I could enjoy last summer in a beautiful concert in Marghera, closer to Venice) I just have to repeat Angeli’s qualities as a “stage artist”, as a great performer able to play and modify his own music, always finding new keys to read it and to play, succeeding in combining everything with such a positive attitude, so loaded with “good energy” to always be enjoyable by any kind of audience. We find this, as it was present in Tibi, even in this “Talea” and then listening to these two CDs is a real pleasure, an enjoyment in which the “intellectual” aspects offered by the complexity of the musical structures that Angeli can create with his unique instrument are accompanied by the positivity, energy, empathy that his music is always able to create with the listeners. But I think we can find something else, too. Over the years his discography made me realize how “Tibi” was a sort of breakthrough within his musical production: Tibi had the best of Paolo’s musical production at those times, it was the record following the excellent “Tessuti” and in a sense represented a sort of ‘state of the art’, a level beyond which it was hard to imagine going unless repeating as a cliché the same structures of the previous records. After “Tibi”, however, Paolo’s music marked a radical, stylistic change. Within a short time, witnessing the ability to assimilate and elaborate new creative stimuli ,Paolo has been able to update, innovate, grab (maybe this is the reason why the disk is called Talea) his own music creating a new mix where we can find the Mediterranean, flamenco, salt, sea and all its listening and experiences. Now with Talea I feel like I’m in the same situation as Tibi: Talea represents a new state of art, a new picture of Paolo’s music. So I can question myself about the follow-up, how will the music of Paolo Angeli evolve over the next few years? Knowing his passion for the sea, what are the artistic routes that will choose to go?