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Review of Post Kali Yuga by NAD, Kutmusic Italhouse, 2017

Enrico Merlin writes in his book “1000 dischi per un secolo 1900-2000” about NAD and their first record, “Ghosts”, released in 1988 (pag.785): “This Veronese formation, led by guitarist Roberto Zorzi, succeeds in doing in the field of improvised music in the jazz area what Elio e le Storie Tese were trying to do in rock … that is to subvert the royalties of the generous genres, mainly by expanding the expressive spectrum. ”

Impressions that I find confirmed in 2017 with this new cd “Post Kali Yuga” where the NAD, renamed Neu Abdominaux Dangereux, comes back to their footsteps by always offering an original sound mix made by jazz fusion, irony, virtuosity and crazy musical energy .

All the eleven songs that compose these don’t show a single moment of failure, no flaws, no false steps, the NAD creates a cohesive, effective and indestructible musical force. The list of musicians whose memory the album is dedicated to is long and .. genuinely understands all or better all the musical influences that resonate in the music of “Post Kali Yuga”, the list is really long: Johnny Cash, Keith Emerson, John Fahey, Glenn Gould, Greg Lake, Misha Mengelberg, Prince, Paul Ruthenford, John Stevens, Sun Ra and John Wetton. There is, perhaps, only Allan Holdsworth missing … I say maybe because one of the qualities that perhaps lacked in Holdsworth’s music was irony.

Irony that is never lacking in the NAD and which remains the basis of this last work. But is it possible that a band like this still maintains the quality of “underrated”? Yes, that’s why I’m telling you, listen to the NADs, discover the NADs and make them win, you will thank me for the rest of your life, trust me!