#Review of My Heart Comes Undone / Because EP by Giacomo Fiore, 2017


Review of My Heart Comes Undone / Because EP by Giacomo Fiore, 2017

It’s a bit strange to find an EP in the field of contemporary music. This type of record format, originally a midway between the short 7 inches record and the most demanding 12 inches, has always been the pride of independent rock and often represented the way, the path with which many bands, that considered their music in a different way, other than that of commercial music, began their career. It was a kind of “hybrid” that years after made the joy of enthusiasts and collectors.

Giacomo Fiore “resuscitats” this format, unfortunately only in digital form, with this EP that hosts two pieces of Adashi’s My Heart Comes Undone and a personal reinterpretation of Beatles’ Because. You will wonder what the Beatles have to do with contemporary music, well just read the story of a revolutionary record like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and you’ll know more, either because the first track, on what a time would have been the side A of our vinyl EP, My Heart Comes Undone, draws completely from another pop track, Bjork’s “Unravel”, another artist who has always flirted with contemporary (if you do not believe me read the interview of Bjork with Stockhausen http://www.sonoloco.com/rev/stockhausen/Bjork/bjork.html.)

My Heart Comes Undone was originally composed for cello and loop, but Giacomo Fiore has turned it into beautiful guitar work, as well as brilliantly succeeded in a not less complicated task: to give new lymph to a Beatles song! Hard work since that in the last fifty years Beatles’ music has been meticulously examined, dismantled, changed, deviated by becoming real standards of pop music and it’s really difficult inventing something new that is innovative and respectful of the “spirit” of the Leaverpool quartet.

Giacomo Fiore succeeds you through a clever loop game, a game that concerns both tracks: the recordings were executed directly using loops and three separate guitar amplifiers. I hope that one day Fiore could make a vinyl version of this new excellent work, the collector who is inside me would be so happy.