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Review of The Wishing Stones by Tom Guarna; Destiny Records, 2017



Have you ever had the feeling, when you are listening to a new cd, the refreshing feeling of getting young again? If you have never tried it, don’t worry: it means that you are young! This record, The Wishing Stones, inspires me this feeling. Why? Everything begins with the photos of the musicians on this record, a stellar band where we can find pianist Jon Cowherd, drummer Brian Blade and, attention, bassist John Patitucci! The great John Patitucci, one of my great passions when I was crazy about jazz and fusion. But there is something else.

The first time I heard this album I thought: “Nice, Tom Guarna really has a personal style and has a nice swing.” His guitar shows a nice tone, nice style, fluid, notes flowing pleasantly, great sustain Guarna plays beautiful and interesting things and he does it with a freshness and immediacy that easily conquer. He gives you the wonderful feeling that everything comes out effortlessly, spontaneously, with an intensity and an emotion that I HAVE TO admire.

We said that the band is spectacular, Cowherd, Patitucci, and Blade shine in every song in this album, whether they swap their solo role with the guitarist or play the perfect accompaniment for each song, all composed by Guarna himself. Smooth as silk and agitated as a great swing. Subtlest record!