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Review of The Edge of Visibility by Cameron Mizell, Destiny Records, 2015



The beginning, the “Prelude 1”, shows something about Bill Frisell to me, with its expanded harmonics, the reverberation that waves in the room. “A Second Trapeze” reminds me of Timeless’s, Timeless played by the great John Abercrombie, with that suspense, a sweet sense of waiting.

Is this cd, “The Edge of Visibility”, a cd stuffed with quotes? No, but I think it’s rather an inspired ripe, autumnal and slow cd like leaves falling to the ground, like the days that come to an end, when summer is already a memory of a the past.

Eight tracks, for guitar, looper and effects. Eight small miniatures for guitar solo. Eight small autumn paintings, Mizell shows a safe technique, a remarkable mastery of the instrument and has a fantastic sound. The tone of his guitar is perfect, saturated, loaded but never excessive, just like his technique. This is one of Mizell’s secrets, he never exceeds. His style is always measured, calm, focused in trying to convey great emotion, his notes are never just simple (simple?) technique, but they transmit emotions, pleasures, images. The Edge of Visibility is an intense record that can satisfy the listener without overcomming it with too complicated and cerebral issues. It is pure music and listening to it is a real pleasure.