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Review of Negative Space by Cameron Mizell, Destiny Records, 2016



“The focus is on creating sound.”

After his cd dedicated to the theme of visibility, “The Edge of Visability”, Cameron Mizell returns with a different concept. This time the reference theme is the “negative space”. We can read about it in the notes of the cd, written jokingly and ironically by Hector Slawkenberg, that, if I have understood everything, is a friend and the Cameron Mizell’s dentist.

After the previous solo album this time, Mizell explores the trio form, accompanied by valid Brad Whiteley at keyboards and Kenneth Salters on drums. The result is definitely interesting: a journey through jazz, progressive rock and country blues territories.

Mizell appears to be a versatile guitarist, his guitar has a clean and precise tone that evokes many other guitarists who have made eclecticism as their own trademark, people like Scotfield, Metheny, Frisell, etc. His skill, in my opinion, is to create a certain “pastoral” aura around his music, a relaxed, pleasing space that drains tensions and also allows a fine interplay with other members of the trio. The trio in this cd reveals itself to be a solid and flexible structure that can provide the guitar player with a perfect base to play and articulate his own music. Definitely a good job.