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Review of Village Life by Pino Forastiere, 2017

What can I tell you about this new Pino Forastiere’s record? I have to tell you that it is a little bit disturbing cd for me. I know you will ask how it is possible to define the music of “Village Life” as disturbing, when it seems to express the exact opposite: a quiet, almost pastoral view of a countryside village, perhaps on a hillside, wooden houses and bricks , dusty stone roads, sunny verandas, quiet summer and spring afternoons. But … but this musical village is upset to me, yes it’s nice, I like to walk and listen to the music that comes out of the dozens of houses (the tracks of the album), all beautiful, intense, serene and sad songs together, expressing a sweet melancholy and tranquility. But yet. Yet it will be my imagination, but every now and then in this village I seem to see ghosts, as well as appearances. They appear and disappear following the same music and it seems that they only appear to me.

I took some time to realize that those presences were not ghosts, but the many guitarists and the many styles crossed, so more or less conscious and / or coherent by the same Forastiere in creating these music. Was John Fahey what I saw crossing “Caos Calmo”, was Michael Hedges the one who was dancing an “Unpredictable Dance” or sat near “Cape Five”? Was Alex De Grassi walking in “Impertinence”? And how many others? The Reverend Gary Davis? Mississippi John Hurt? Leo Kottke? Barrios? But maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe I’m the one who let me get involved in the atmosphere of this “Village Life” and let me drag myself from my thoughts and emotions. Maybe I even imagined this village, which exists only in Forastiere’s music, maybe I just imagine all these guitar players playing together and merging into Pino’s guitar, but the music was so beautiful that I still listen to it.