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Review of I Never Meta Guitar Four, Clean Feed, 2017


So, this is the fourth volume of this lucky cd series, which I admit to be a real fan. Since the release of the first cd in 2010, titled “Never MetA Guitar Solo Guitars for the 21st Century”, I have gained a great deal of attention from this project, created by Elliott Sharp and produced by the independent Polish record label Clean Feed.

This project, which is part of Guitar Series volumes, represents an effective way of defining the new frontiers reached by a number of more or less well-known guitarists who have made the desire to widen their boundaries, their own main desire and source of inspiration. In this new chapter, the fourth, we find sixteen tracks made by sixteen different guitarists, some of whom are perfectly unknown to me, I give you the list: Knox Chandler guitar (1) | Tashi Dorji guitar (2) | Monika Roscher guitar (3) | Rhys Chatham guitar (4) | Kalle Kalima guitar (5) | Ryan Choi guitar (6) | Marco Oppedisano guitar (7) | Bern Nix guitar (8) | Markus Reuter guitar (9) | Hahn Rowe guitar (10) | Pete Matthiessen guitar (11) | Robert Poss guitar (12) | Ron Anderson guitar (13) | Morgan Craft guitar (14) | Roberto Zorzi guitar (15) | Erdem Helvacioglu guitar (16).

As you can see some guitar players are already familiar names in my blog, how to not greet and listen with pleasure to Rhys Chatham, Marco Oppedisano, Roberto Zorzi, Robert Poss and Bern Nix? I have to say that it was the first time I listened to the other guitarists and I was pleasantly surprised. The great thing about these compilations is that they are be able to quickly and effectively promote new guitarists who start their own personal music exploration path, and to create a sort of musical document of a sort of new frontier for contemporary guitar. Much of these musicians are divided between open and random forms of improvisation and advanced forms of composition. In the past I have always used the three previous volumes as magazines to discover and find new talents and new ideas for my listening and I have never been disappointed. That’s why I let you point out and recommend this I Never Meta Guitar Four.

Elliott Sharp wrote in the notes accompanying this exciting cd: “All are” players with one foot in the future and one in the past, a formula that puts one’s ass directly in THE NOW »”. What can you desire more?

Done! Thank you!