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Review of Forestare by Forestare (2007, ATMA Classique)

The two black and white photos on twelve and thirteen pages of the beautiful 32-page booklet accompanying the cd show the fifteen guitarists who make up this fascinating ensemble in a nearly martial way with their guitars, a focused look, a slight tension in the air, as if they were ready in an instant to pick up their instruments and play in unison.
I was tempted to buy this album for two reasons, the first because it’s a guitar ensemble, and the second because I love looking for different versions of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint masterpiece. So I decided to run the risk and order it on the internet, every now and then it was worth it and it was worth it anyway. In addition to the Reich piece, the album features a beautiful version of Leo Brouwer’s “Acerca del cielo, el aire y la sonrisa” and six compositions by composers resident in Quebec: Pascal Sasseville Quoquochi, Richard Desjardins, Denis Goungeon, Franco Marcoux and Francois Gauthier, all very interesting and with parts sung in French (the two Desjardins’s pieces), closer to the French pop music than to the classical singing.
The thing that strikes right away in the listening is the sound, strong, wide, intense, the fifteen guitars generate a respectable and impressive dynamic well-respected in the recording of the cd. In Electric Counterpoint the effect is even more evident than the “solo” version played with the help of pre-recorded parts, played by the ensemble the piece takes on a really good grip and ariosity, the feeling is really that of being at the center of a small orchestra, exceeding the limits of sound produced by one instrument.
Bravi Forestare, your name really deserves the woods of your guitars and your musical abilities.