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Review of Baroque by Forestare, (2016, 2xHD)

And Forestare became Baroque! The surprise you don’t expect. I was used to think about the Forestare as an ensemble of guitars dedicated to contemporary music, and in 2016 they realized this new album, characterized by impressive recording quality, and original and special interpretations.

The album is basically divided between the music of J.S.Bach and A. Vivaldi. What immediately impressed me was listening to these pieces, such as the Brandenburg Concerts or Concert no 2 performed by a guitar ensemble. The effect is remarkable, the Forestare guitarists tend to play their instruments while avoiding a long sustain and playing predominantly in the area near the bridge. The effect is almost clavicembalistic, the ensemble plays like a single giant harpsichord capable of performing and following the necessary counterpoints. The remarkable quality of this record, which is the result of an excellent recording and mastering work, amplifies these sensations by creating a true sound space around the listener. A sort of three-dimensional sound that also help the listener to appreciate all the minimal musical nuances that surrounds and envelops himself. After Bach and Vivaldi, the only composer present here is Jean Baptiste Lully with his “Bourgeois gentilhomme (comedie-ballet), but the main “body” are Brandenburg Concerts, Fanstasia Super Komm, heilinger Geits BWV 651 by Bach, Sonata No. 12 and Concerto No. 2 RV578. I don’t think the interpretations and arrangements (curated by Dave Pilon, David Ratalle and Jurg Kindle) can be termed as “philological” but if there is one thing I think is necessary is a certain amount of courage and the desire to be innovative, if you want to propose these music with the performances of a guitar ensemble. I think the Forestare ensemble has succeeded in this intent, the cd is brave, I believe their musical skill and expertise are undeniable, the sound is really amazing. Let yourself be amazed too.