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Review of Seascapes by The Gothenburg Combo, 2017

The Gothenburg Combo (David Hansson and Thomas Hansy) are a Swedish duo characterized by a curious passion for sound panoramas. An attention that already comes from the titles of their cds: Soundscape, released in 2007, was a record with a great focus on Steve Reich and David Toop’s ideas, characterized by an “immersive” sound for their guitars and the following, Guitarscapes, deepened these sound introspection’s concepts with a brilliant version of In C by Terry Riley and the America suite, composed by the same duo.

They haves just released what I think could be the third volume of a really interesting records’ collection, this new Seascapes where the duo shifted its attention to marine landscapes. The key to this ideal journey into the world of submerged sound canyons is given by Jules Verne’s famous book, “20000 Leagues Under The Sea”, by many persons mistakenly considered as a book for kids.

Jules Verne was a visionary writer, able through the vivid images he could create in his books to anticipate future scenarios of everyday normality and to design complex and articulated worlds. “20000 Leagues Under The Sea”” is probably his most famous book telling the vicissitudes of the first submarine ship, The Nautilus, and his commander, Captain Nemo, a character with a difficult character and a gloomy and troubled past. The Gothenburg Combo ideally goes on board this wonderful submarine and retraces its world’s tour, accompanied by their own music, composed by David Hansson and Thomas Hansy, a soundtrack with vivid colors and marked by the sound of their acoustic guitars. The music still marks that dive into the already-anticipated sound in their first two discs, while their music refers to that American minimalism that combines the complexity of contemporary music with a pleasant and engaging listening. Ten passages that comment on Nautilus’s journey, each of which refers to moments and chapters specific to the book, Verne’s fans will easily recognize titles such as Kuroshio, The Red Sea, Birds of Paradise, Maelstrom, etc. confirming even more the feeling of listening to a real soundtrack. The result is a pleasant and exciting cd. Long life for the Nautilus!

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