#Review of Suono by Tommaso Pelliccia, 2017 on #neuguitars #blog


Review of Suono by Tommaso Pelliccia, 2017

Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t believe in them, but I always hope for them, because sometimes they happen and they always leave you pleasantly surprised. I have just realized that while I listen to the beautiful album “Suono” by Tommaso Pelliccia and as I write these notes, twenty years have passed since Michael Hedges left us. Damn you Michael, but you really had to leave like that? In a “trivial” car accident returning from Thanksgiving, a tragic accident, a 37-meter flight down a California escarpment with your car, at 43, in the midst of a blazing career that still promised so many surprises and so much beautiful music. It was destiny, Michael, he took you and carried away, leaving your family, your guitars and us alone

I wanted to write something about Hedges, one of the last giants of acoustic guitar, then when I heard “The Rock” on this record I stopped and I turned this memory into a review of a record that seems to come specially to remind me of you, Michael Hedges .

Because the music of Hedges shines in the notes of Tommaso Pelliccia: “Sound” begins with “The Rock” that quotes “Aerial Boundaries” in an almost touching. But this record is not only Hedges, there are many other references of Pelliccia’s music, there is the Mediterranean, there is his guitar that becomes almost an oud, there is a pastoral vision, melodic and intense. There is a guitarist who seeks a way to express himself, to realize his ideas, to bring out his own desires and emotions. Sometimes coincidences are a great thing.

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