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Review of Side Sight Naked Tapes 03 by Raw Frame, Nau Music Company, 2017



As I think you will have noticed in my other reviews and interviews I have always paid much attention to Andrea Bolzoni and his way of playing the guitar.

I sincerely believe that Andrea is an excellent instrumentalist and one of the new and more interesting levers that my country (Italy) is showing recently.

I like many things about him:

  • the sound of his guitar: always measured, saturated, attentive, full;
  • his phrasing: always creative, never self-indulgent, always ready for an intelligent dialogue with his colleagues and companions;
  • his technique: never exposed to the risks of an empty virtuosity, never an end in itself;
  • his rapid evolution: an interesting evolutionary crescendo, a continuous research, the desire to always look for new directions and possibilities;

Does it seem cheap? They are talents that denote an intelligent, growing and worthy artistic personality, a growing maturity, a restless artistic vitality in search of outburst and expression.

I think Andrea is doing well and this last job, son of the trio Raw Frame, a trio composed of the excellent Salvatore Satta (electric bass) and Daniele Frati (drums) who shares with Andrea the signatures on the songs, proves an excellent work of jazz-rock that focuses on Andrea Bolzoni’s guitar. Their jazz rock is energetic, innervated by small melodic cells and flexible structures that leave room for improvisation, creativity and expression. Tension, interplay, harmony, energy are the characteristic traits of this Side Sight, third chapter of the Naked Tapes series of the independent Italian record company Nau Music Company, an excellent record that closes in an excellent way the 2017 and that is the ideal follow-up of the excellent “It’s not jazz, it’s worse” by Swedish Mobilia, produced by Auand in 2016, which sees Bolzoni always engaged in a trio with Daniele Frati and Dario Miranda. Really good.