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Review of Agustin Barrios Complete Studies and Preludes, by Marco Caiazza, dotGuitar, 2017



I did some recording research and I don’t think many guitarists have been able to delve into the music of Agustin Barrios as much as the Italian Marco Caiazza. I found a similar dedication only in the cases of the box set always produced by the Italian Cristiano Porqueddu in 2010 and in the two CDs / volumes performed by the Uruguayan guitarist Cesar Amaro. After his cd “Medalon Antiguo” always released in 2017, Caiazza returns to the steps and scores of the Paraguayan  composer and guitarist, carefully examining the didactic component of his music. It does so with these 22 tracks with a minimum duration of 59 seconds of the Unfinished Studio, up to 4 minutes and 42 seconds of the Prelude op. 5 no. 1, twenty-two musical miniatures that illustrate a compositional world different from the one we are usually led to think of when hearing the name of Agustin Barrios.
All these music, as well explained by the same interpreter in the essay that accompanies the cd, seems to be devoid of any reference with the popular South American tradition, which until now had always accompanied his music. Here the references seem to be based more on European romanticism, on pure musical thought, on new ideas on which perhaps the Paraguayan Master was moving.
These new interpretations of Marco Caiazza reopen a discussion on the figure of Barrios, deepening his artistic figure and giving new depth to his music revealing some intimate and little known aspects of his musical poetry.