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Founded in 1988, the Stradivarius has come to the attention of the international recording market as a label specialized in Renaissance-Baroque music recordings and contemporary repertoire. This polarity of the programmatic choices, in which are intersected each time rare recordings of considerable artistic value (for example the series “Un homme de concert” that officially sanctioned the collaboration with the great Sviatoslav Richter), have been suggested by the precise willingness to assume an extremely characterizing connotation in the record production landscape. Wide the spectrum in which Stradivarius spans, which offers publications of sacred music, secular, vocal, instrumental, solo, chamber and for large orchestras, and alongside the famous interpreters, the Milanese label promotes young artists of undisputed talent.


Singular character, Francois de Fossa (Perpignan 1775 – Paris 1849), son of a noted historian and lawyer, a professional soldier for the Spanish first then in French army under the command of Joseph Bonaparte, guitarist, composer and friend of Dionisio Aguado for whom he transcribed the “Escuela de Guitarra” in French version. De Fossa is characterized by a parallel if not alternative career in music and in military, and for the appreciation received from the public who caled him the “Haydn on guitar.”…..

De Fossa Trois Quatuors op.19 by Lorenzo Micheli, Stradivarius, 2009


“Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner: in this recording project it is intended to concentrate that repertory which sees the guitar raise its gaze to the greatest figures of music and offer them its voice.”….

Quadrat D’Or by Stefano Grondona, Stradivarius 2012


“After a long conversation with Berio about composition, he said that composition itself could be condensed into one word: Psychology.” *I met Gaslini in Milan, in August 1992….

Dieci minuti all’alba omaggio a Giorgio Gaslini, by Andrea Monarda, Stradivarius, 2016


As rightly the excellent guitarist André Fischer writes: if Necessity is the Mother of Invention, these pieces are born out of necessity, or perhaps I should say urgency, by the desire to present the Leider Winterreise’s cycle by Schubert in a new form, for voice and guitar…..

Franz Schubert Winterreise, Raphael Favre and André Fischer, Stradivarius 2013

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Bach. Namely the complexity when it’s not perceived as such, because it’s the bearer of a message of high beauty that our ears and our brains tune into another frequency wave leaving themselves lead by the musical waves they receive and who are able to clean and heal our spirit….

 J.S.Bach Sonatas Sébastien Singer and Andre Fischer, Stradivarius, 2016


It’s a great pleasure to have the opportunity to write some notes about the last recording of the italian classical guitarist Oscar Ghiglia, made by the italian label Stradivarius, completely dedicate to the music of Johan Sebastian Bach.

J.S.Bach Pieces pour la Luth by Oscar Ghiglia, Stradivarius 2008


I have to confess that I have the fear that I have written a not too well balanced review, I’m sorry if i would give you this impression, but I ask you to have the patience to read it anyway: the disc is beautiful, all four performers are really valid musicians, the booklet that accompanies the CD contains an essay by Stefano Grondona that we are simply obliged to read and learn, the recording quality, thanks to the sound engineer David Piva and the mastering of Andrea Dandolo, is simply amazing. Stradivarius, once again has released another high quality production…

J.S. Bach The Four Suites for Lute by Giacomo Copiello, Victor Valisena, Michele Tedesco and Giacomo Susani, Stradivarius, 2016


What can I say? Surprising. Giacomo Susani immediately convince in his debut album devoted to music by Petrassi, Bach, Tansman and Weiss with a sound immediately recognizable, warm and immediate. Listening to him is really impressive, he strikes with his absolute mastery in musical lexicon, the total technical ease and a sense of immediacy that is able to convey managing to put the spotlight on expressiveness and emotions….

Giacomo Susani plays Petrassi Bach Tansman Weiss, Stradivarius, 2015


Beautiful word “Arakathamala”, I look for it on google and I don’t find anything. Really nothing. It doesn’t exist, there is not, it’s an invention. Something in between among the group Aktualas of the beginnings ’70 and the Anthakarna Swami by Riccardo Zappa, an acoustic guitar memory?

Raffaele Bellafronte, Arakathamala, Stradivarius 2011


Der Wanderer, the Traveler. It looks like the perfect title for a classical guitar record, especially for one like me who chose the 56th symbol of the I-ching as my own avatar. In the artistic field, however, this is definitely much more: it’s the name of a lied (but also of the famous painting by Caspar David Friedrich), composed by Franz Schubert in 1816, describing the figure, present almost exclusively in German romance, of a spirit who, inhabited by an uneasy space-time, feels everywhere stranger except in the movement that drags him from one place to another by pursuing the question: “Where? “…..

Der Wanderer by Wanderer Guitar Duo (Giacomo Copiello and Michele Tedesco), Stradivarius, 2016