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Review of Ancient Greece Musical Inspirations by Rody Van Gemert, Pilfink Records, 2017


Rody van Gemert – guitar
Assi Karttunen – harpsichord

One of the most interesting and, I would like to add, among the most intelligent records, released in 2017. The Danish – Finnish guitarist Rody van Gemert has created a unique CD inspired by the music of ancient Greece, this inspiration, this passion towards the myths and the Greek culture pushed him to create a sort of ideal path between ancient songs, composed more than two millennia ago, with contemporary musics influenced by the style and the particular tunings required by the Hellenic style. The result is a really interesting and brilliant cd, under different aspects:

1) the musical quality is excellent, Rody van Gemert is an excellent performer, endowed with a refined technique, at the service of the music he plays;

2) the presence of the harpsichord by Assi Karttunen, a truly remarkable musician. The combination of the sound of the harpsichord and that of the guitar is really very interesting, pushing new ideas, new possibilities, new timbric combinations that go beyond the distances of time, given by the different nature of the two instruments;

3) the list of composers involved in this project, some also in the role of arrangers of the music of the Hellenic past: Graham Lynch, Harry Partch; Maurice Ravel; Matthew Whitthal;

4) the care and dedication with which this cd was made, I’m not just talking about the excellent recording quality but also about the booklet that accompanies it and its graphic layout.

So I have to recommend this excellent CD, it’s a high quality work that, I hope, will not fail to stimulate new curiosity both in the world of Hellenic music, both in contemporary music. A magistral work of interpretation that forced the intepreters to perform the musics with the use of different tunings.


1. Seikilos epitaph (tuning: Ptolemy’s even diatonic)
2. Graham Lynch: Sing, Memory *
3-4. Harry Partch: Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales *
• Olympos’ Pentatonic
• Archytas’ Enharmonic
5-7. Graham Lynch: 3 Aegean Pieces
• Cythera (à la manière de Poulenc)
• Geranos
• Song of Seikilos (à la manière de Ravel)
8-12. Maurice Ravel: Five Greek Songs (arr. G.Lynch) *
13. Athenios son of Athenios: First Delphic Hymn to Apollo (arr. G.Lynch)
14. Graham Lynch: Apollo, Toccate
15. Matthew Whittall: The Wine-dark sea IV *
16. Graham Lynch: Daphne Prelude
17. Seikilos epitaph (tuning: Archytas’ diatonic)