#Neuguitarspeaks #Bandcamp : Daniel Lippel Resonance on #neuguitars #blog

Guitarist Daniel Lippel, called an “exciting soloist” (New York Times), “precise and sensitive” (Boston Globe) and a “modern guitar polymath” (Guitar Review) enjoys a unique and diverse career that ranges through solo and chamber music performances, innovative commissioning and recording projects, and performances in diverse contexts……
Resonance is an exploration of several contemporary works for classical guitar that grapple with the instrument’s greatest weakness, its small voice and quick decay, which is the flip side of its greatest strength, its intimacy. Solo works by Carter, Adashi, Vigeland, and Suh are placed next to electro-acoustic pieces by Davidovsky and Gilbert that use the electronic element to extend the guitar’s acoustic and expressive range…..


released September 15, 2004

Recorded 1/2004 and 7/2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Recording engineer: Peter Gilbert
Producers: Daniel Lippel and Peter Gilbert
Editing Engineer/Post-Production: Ryan Streber
CD layout design: Joshua Gordon
Liner notes: Daniel Lippel

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