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Review of Chants To The Sea by The Corium Project (Ronny Wiesauer), recordjet, 2017


The Austrian guitarist Ronny Wiesauer and his group The Corium Project (Klaus Sauli drums and Heinz Hasenauer doublebass) try an interesting operation with their record, called Chants To The Sea, where the bulk of the work, the core of the CD is occupied by their free reinterpretation of “El Decameron Negro”, composition of the celebrated Cuban guitarist and composer Leo Brouwer.

Given these premises, some listeners, perhaps more inclined to the complexities and the abstract sounds of contemporary music, could be amazed and perhaps disappointed by the soft and the smooth jazz oriented atmosphere of Wiesauer guitar’s. In reality, this should not surprise you too much: Leo Brouwer has always been an artist who has been able to move among the complexities of contemporary music, drawing on the great melting pot of Cuban popular music and jazz melodies. Do not forget that in his recitals Brouwer did not disdain to perform songs like The Entertainer by Scott Joplin and his collaborations with the Irakere group.

The trio moves with agility within the twelve tracks that make up their version of “El Decameron Negro”, demonstrating a good interplay and harmony. Wiesauer also demonstrates a consummate skill on the electric guitar in the most rock-jazz atmospheres of the song “Mid West”, while the CD ends with the song that gives it its title. Overall a good job, well thought out and played. Very good.