#Review of “From 1 to 8” by Pino Forastiere, Candyrat Records, 2011 on #neuguitars #blog


Review of “From 1 to 8” by Pino Forastiere, Candyrat Records, 2011

Once upon a time .. many years ago thanks to a label called Windhall Hill I met a small group of innovative and interesting guitarists, names like Jan Ackermann, Alex De Grassi and, above all, Michael Hedges. Thanks (or for the guilt) of their record label they were quickly seen as making part of the “new age” phenomenon, relaxing music for the one who desired to dream the new Aquario’s era. Sincerely I have always thought that this definition was too “tight” for them: they were and they are three excellent musicians that desired only to play and to promote their music and by chance their ideas had found a connection in those of the American record label. Theirs poetic musical transcended the canons of the new age and it made the fingerpicking technique a great leap forward. Michael Hedges, particularly, with a record called Aerial Boundaries had marked new technical and expressive possibilities. Hedges is not anymore with us from a long time unfortunately, the destiny has cut the ropes of his guitar in 1997, in the full of his creative potentialities.

Now these techniques, these possibilities relive in Pino Forastiere, amplified by his studies of classical guitar to the Saint Cecilia’s Conservatory in Rome. In this record Pino traces a line in his artistic career, he does it with eight studies for acoustic guitar: a novelty for the one who comes from the fingerpicking, an attitude for the one who move themselves in the world of the classical one. To create studies doesn’t mean “simply” to compose some music for himself or for the others: it means to invent some expressive possibilities, inserting them inside a personal corse of studies, measuring the difficulties and working already thinking in advance that these musics are born because others can play tehm, to interpret and through them to improve his/her own abilities. At the same time it means to define his own stylistic figure, defining on the score his own peculiarities. In this record, in these eight studies Forastiere leaves this trace, indelible and very beautiful creating an intense emotional music.

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