Five Guitar records from Brilliant Classic: Cinzia Milani, Marco Salcito, Andrea Dieci, Nicola Jappelli, Hans Werner Henze, Radames Gnattali, Ida Presti on #neuguitars #blog


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Review of A Tribute to Ida Presti Music for solo guitar by Cinzia Milani, Brilliant Classic, 2017

French guitarist Ida Presti was a woman with a great personality and a remarkable charisma. Ida Presti was born in Paris on May 31 1924 by a French father and a Sicilian mother. At the age of six, his father, a great admirer of Segovia, handed her a guitar, instrument for which she immediately demonstrated a prodigious talent that allowed her to give her first concert eight and a half years old, the first great recital at Pleyel Hall in Paris at ten and the first recording at eleven….


Review of Radames Gnattali 4 Concertinos for Guitar and Orchestra by Marco Salcito and Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese, Brilliant Classic, 2017

First recording of the complete Concertinos for guitar and orchestra by Radamés Gnattali. Radamés Gnattali (1906-1988), son of Italian immigrants, is one of the most popular and famous composers of his native Brazil, where he is mentioned in the same breath as Villa-Lobos. Gnattali and his music are a perfect example of the fusion of the high and the low, of formally structured classical music and the vibrant multi-coloured folk culture of Brazil….


Review of Piazzolla Cafè 1930: Music for Violin and Guitar by Piercarlo Sacco and Andrea Dieci, Brilliant Records, 2014

Shall we talking about Tango without thinking about Piazzolla and his bandoneon? If Argentina and the Tango are inextricably linked together, Astor Piazzolla is the personification of a ‘Nuevo Tango’, a new exciting mix of the traditional dance with jazz and classical music influences….


Review of Nicola Jappelli Guitar Music by Andrea Dieci, Brilliant Classic, 2013

“This project was for me the opportunity to address a completely new repertoire on records, largely made up for me and dedicated to me. I feel like the more personal disc between those that I have recorded.” Andrea Dieci


Review of Henze Complete Music for Solo Guitar by Andrea Dieci, Brilliant Classic, 2016

“Now, Hans Werner Henze is an altogether different cup of tea….He is also very fecund…He’s that sort of person. Having the ability to let it all pour out, which in turn just creates more and more energy.” Julian Bream …