John Zorn’s Naked City – The Marquee Club, New York City, NY, 1992-04-09 #video on #neuguitars #blog #NakedCity #JohnZorn

John Zorn’s Naked City April 9, 1992 The Marquee Club, New York, NY pro-shot (a neckey – voltarized upgrade) Personnel: John Zorn: Alto Sax Bill Frisell: Guitar Wayne Horvitz: keyboards Fred Frith : Bass Joey Baron: drums Yamatsuka Eye: vocals 01–opening titles 02–sunset surfer 03–asylum 04–terkmani tepee 05–party girl (false start)/party girl (right version) 06–shock corridor 07–speedfreaks 08–poisonhead 09–bonehead 10–blood duster 11–the catacombs (aka the vault or the inferno) 12–thrash jazz assassin 13–hellraiser 14–dead spot 15–sack of shit 16–metaltov 17–snagglepuss 18–the yodel (Big John Patton/Grant Green) 19–bone orchard 20–the list of adrian messenger (Jerry Goldsmith) 21–a night in tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie) 22–blood is thin 23–blunt instrument / end titles