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Review of Energico by Marco Ramelli, Nimbus Alliance, 2013


Once we called them “young people of beautiful hopes”, an italian polite way to define young people endowed with talent and quality that looked for with theier proper means, optimism and the sweat of their own forehead to succeed in their jobs, art, etc… to succeed to get success in everything they did and liked. The definition is by now passed of fashion (replaced by the political vulgarities like the word “bamboccioni”, reality tv and sundry escort), but the substance stays: real talents need and look for their own ways. Here we talk about the italian Marco Ramelli, born in 1984, author and interpreter of this beautiful cd produced by Nimbus Alliance and by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where the brave Marco results winning to the unanimity of the contest “Scottish International Guitar Competition.” In this cd produced in 2013 Marco compares himself to the maximum levels with a sundry and of noteworthy repertoire showing a safety and an expressive maturity that indeed leave the sign.


The cd is divided among classical repertoire or Grand Sonata in La maggiore by Nicolò Paganini, Canciones Populares Catalanas and Scherzo Vals by Miguel Llobet, and contemporary, Wainscot Pond, Over the Rainbow and Yesterday by Toru Takemitsu and Game to Four by the British composer Rory Boyle, and Marco Ramelli shows comfortably be to able to confront himself in both situations. I believe we are assisting to a change of “management” of repertoire for the one who comes from classical studies: if up to some times ago it appeared very clear the distinction among who studied and performed the classical repertoire and who was applied instead in that contemporary with a clear distinction of repertoires and choices, I notice now instead the presence of young interpreters that are not afraid of “to mix the papers” and to indiscriminately operate adopting both the repertoires. For me it’s a good sign, something is changing about musical mentality.