Min Xiao-Fen & Rez Abbasi premiere original movie soundtrack for “The Goddess” #video on #neuguitars #blog

Min Xiao-Fen presents an original score for the classic 1934 Chinese silent film “The Goddess”. Performed by Min Xiao-Fen – pipa, sanxian, ruan, sound effects and voice. Rez Abbasi – acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Premiered at Roulette in New York on February 18, 2018. “The Goddess” is one of the most powerful silent films of all time and an early high point for Chinese cinema. The original copy of “The Goddess” was dismissed as pornography and sustained damage during the Cultural Revolution. The copy is a remastered version by the China Film Archive. The legendary actress Ruan Lingyu plays a nameless young “goddess,” as the movie describes the travails of a prostitute working to send her child through school. Min’s score references many of the musical genres that have influenced her over the years: the work of Li Jinhui and Buck Clayton, Tibetan chanting and ancient vocal tones as well as other types of traditional music and seeks to traverse existing cultural and musical boundaries by creating a new work filled with deep and soulful musical expression. Video by Robert O’Haire at Straw2gold Pictures

Min Xiao-Fen: www.bluepipa.org

Rez Abbasi: www.reztone.com