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Review of Solos by Matteo Liberatore, Innova, 2017



Matteo Liberatore finally released his first solo album, a job that I had been waiting for a long time and that intrigued me a lot. I had already listened to his other works and saw some of his videos, very interesting, on the internet, but I was waiting for the release of a project, a more organized work from which to get a less fragmented idea of his way of playing and expressing himself.

This excellent “Solos”, released for the American label Innova, is a beautiful photograph of how much his guitar and his musical thinking are today focused. This is really a good job, mainly focused on improvisation and research on sound. I think there is a strong similarity between the design of the CD cover and the music played by Liberatore, a correlation between those geometric, and at the same time free black and white shapes, and the sounds coming out of his guitar. A strong graphic / musical correlation that translates into an extremely strong ethic and a free aesthetic, but at the same time linked to principles and aesthetic canons aimed at a search for new sounds, new ideas, new representations. This CD offers twelve tracks, all with a title with a single word, from different durations, from a minimum of 1:49 of Chimera to 7:01 minutes of Coral. “Solos”, a palindroma word and, perhaps, not chosen by chance, is a challenging album, it is not about entertaining music but a complex and elaborate creative work that “pushes the limits a little further”. “Solos” is the result of a continuous and demanding musical research, new aesthetic and ethical concepts.