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Review of João Carlos Victor: Guitar Recital, Naxos, 2016



A touch and a feeling really out of the ordinary. In a short review, I can’t possibly condense the experience one has listening to this excellent recital, interpreted with great sentiment, by the young Brazilian guitarist João Carlos Victor. Winner of the 2015 Tárrega International Guitar Competition, Victor gives us a captivating and imaginative program with numerous transcriptions of his own and a world premiere recording of the piece “Repeter” by the Brazilian composer Paulo Rios Filho. The center, the creative hub of this album, is the music of John Dowland, with his mysterious and melancholy chromatic fantasies that offer moments of reflection between the theatricality of Rodrigo Invocación y Danza, the luminous mazurkas of Tárrega, and the neoclassical Sonata of Castelnuovo-Tedesco. I liked the composition of the composer Paulo Rios Filho; I did not know this composer, and I found his piece Repeter, based on the ideas of the philosopher Gilles Deleuze, very interesting. It is a complex work based on the constant and imperfect repetition of musical gestures joined together by vocal and percussive comments. A very complex work. I am amazed by the artistic maturity of this guitarist and his sound: full, complete, with absolute tone control. João Carlos Victor has delivered a very well done artistic presentation.