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Jonas Anatol Schneele’s Biography

Jonas Anatol Schneele was born in 1983 in the district of Oberallgäu in Bavaria, Germany. Being a passionate guitar player in his youth, he soon discovered his interest in guitar building, too. After his formal education as a carpenter, he followed his fascination with wood and sound and graduated from the vocational school for plucked instrument building in Mittenwald in 2007.


Jonas built his first own concert guitars during the years 2009 – 2013 at “”, a specialized guitar shop owned by Jury Roten, located in Winterthur, Switzerland. His responsibility consisted mainly of repairing and maintaining the guitars of the master guitar section. Inspired by artists’ individual requirements towards a professional instrument and the contact with different guitar builders and instruments in the shop, Jonas soon designed his own concert guitar model at Jury Roten’s workshop. Decisive for its realization was the intense cooperation with manager and guitarist Franco Marioli and the renowned guitarist Michael Winkler of the Eos Guitar Quartet.

During the years 2013 – 2016 he deepened his knowledge about acoustics, restauration, innovative building manners and musical-instrument design in his study course of musical-instrument making at Markneukirchen, Germany. In 2017 he developed another guitar model and successfully completed his examination for the master craftman´s certificate in Mittenwald.


Since 2017 Jonas Anatol Schneele has been working as a self-employed guitar master builder in Sonthofen, Oberallgäu. He builds high-quality concert guitars and restores historical plucked instruments in his own workshop.