Otomo Yoshihide Lecture (Tokyo 2014) | Red Bull Music Academy on #neuguitars #blog

The line between mainstream and underground is merely a pinstripe for Otomo Yoshihide, a composer and multi-instrumentalist with over 100 releases under his belt. Otomo became known to the world in the ’90s as the leader of improvisational noise band Ground Zero. Now, though, he’s nearing household name status for his compositions of a different sort: he’s hit the Top 10 in Japan with his soundtrack for Amachan, a popular TV drama series about a teenage sea urchin diver who becomes a pop idol. Speaking at the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy, Yoshihide went deep on noise music, collaboration, the Amachan soundtrack, and more.


1:56 – Fukushima disaster

21:07 – Noise music with turntables

31:25 – Tips for collaboration

38:50 – Soundtracks and Amachan

54:46 – Any music can be noise

1:07:48 – Japan’s reputation for noise music

MUSIC: 3:00 – Excerpt from “Project Fukushima!” documentary

24:42 – Otomo Yoshihide – “Without Records”

33:29 – Otomo Yoshihide/ENSEMBLES – “Quartets”

41:01 – Otomo Yoshihide – “Ama-chan” Theme (Live)

58:29 – Masayuki Takayanagi & Kaoru Abe – “Mass Projection”

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