#Review of “Facanàpa & Umarells and the World Wide Crash” by Scott Amendola, Michael Manring, Roberto Zorzi, Kutmusic, 2017 on #neuguitars #blog


Review of “Facanàpa & Umarells and the World Wide Crash” by Scott Amendola, Michael Manring, Roberto Zorzi, Kutmusic, 2017


Fantastic cover for a fantastic record. A group of elders, standing on their bicycles, leaning against a wall that observe (and probably comment) with peaceful calm the colossal fire that takes place on the other side. A very ironic image, the “Umarells” (a product of the imagination and social analysis of the Bolognese writer Danilo Masotti, who wrote books on their “phenomenology”: their take care in monitoring construction sites) that perfectly frames the energetic, obsessive and powerful music played by this trio composed by Scott Amendola, Michael Manring and Roberto Zorzi. A music with an aggressive and immediate impact, eclectic as its eclectic creators. Forgive me, but I can’t remain objective after listening to this record, I can’t and I don’t want to be objective, I’m genuinely enthusiastic and I have to run the hyperboles all over this post. How nice to find Michael Manring after so many years, I’ve been his fan since the days of the Montreaux quartet and his solo records released by Windham Hill! Finding him here together with Scott Amendola’s rhythm and Roberto Zorzi’s kaleidoscopic guitar made me literally jump on the chair, I always loved his pasty and refined sound and here I’m listening to himback, his incredible groove, an indispensable energy to hold , support and weave musical paths with Zorzi’ incredible guitar. Not a break, not a failure in the structure, this trio (I don’t forget the sturdy, polyrhythmic and powerful Scott Amendola) for four long tracks (light years away from certain par-rock prog-rock) and a cover (“Colors for Susan “, composition by Country Joe McDonald) that testify their desire to create a different, new and exciting music, to explore new artistic territories, to astonish, fascinate and tell us new stories.


Spectacular dedication to Moana Pozzi. Beautiful notes to the CD, edited by Henry Kaiser, who regrets that the trio is not a quartet … with him.

“Facanàpa & Umarells and the World Wide Crash” is a wonderful musical adventure. Do not miss it!