#Review of “Nella Terra dei Frippi” by La Compagnia dei Trivelin, KutMusic, 2017 on #neuguitars #blog


Review of “Nella Terra dei Frippi” by La Compagnia dei Trivelin, KutMusic, 2017


Roberto Zorzi comes back with the company of Massimo Barbiero on drums and Boris Savoldelli on vocals, for this record ironically extolling the English guitarist, leader of King Krimson. For those who expect a tribute album, none of this. This record was recorded live at the Teatro San Leonardo in Bologna in January 2017, the fact that there are eight tracks on the record should not be misleading: the CD is a continuous stream of music, sounds, noises, ideas and improvisations. A flow managed effectively and in total combination of intent by the three “Trivelin”. Anarchic spirit and a strong sense of humor give their music a strong theatrical footprint, difficult to understand which is the best of the songs on the disc, the three musicians also seem to give up their obvious individuality in favor of shared sound, there are only comrades in the land of the Frippi, all contributing to create a dense, changing, changing and kaleidoscopic sound and structure.


Clearly this is not an easy listening, even a classic like “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” becomes something else in their hands, is transformed, manipulated, changed. The points of reference change very quickly and it is easy to find yourself disoriented under their flow of sounds and their irony, but for those who love to risk, for those who love to look for something new, this record will give joy and the pleasure of a new discovery. We just have to follow the Trivelin in the land of the Frippi …


01. Spheric Layers
02. Work… a Continuum Disease
03. Down to the River to Pray
04. Volando sott’acqua
05. John Lee Hooker
06. Nella Terra dei Frippi (in the Land of Fripps)
07. A Meditative Shout
08. I’ve Got You Under My Skin