#Review of Secondo Solitario by Alessandro Fedrigo, nusica.org, 2018 on #neuguitars #blog


Review of Secondo Solitario by Alessandro Fedrigo, nusica.org, 2018



Alessandro Fedrigo says it right. Apart from some rare exceptions the bass has almost always been used as an accompaniment, becoming the backbone of any rock and jazz group. A rhythmic and harmonic reference indispensable in their musical economy.

Some rare exceptions like this second solo work for the Italian bassist Alessandro Fedrigo, which follows his “Solitario” made in 2011, and which is produced by the Italian label nusica.org. “Secondo Solitario” is a very special CD, which goes beyond the music it contains, excellent music, both on a personal and aesthetic perspective, which moves in a different field from the musical one. This is a very personal, very intimate record, its eleven tracks are not only beautiful, from the musical point of view, but are small stories, acoustic details of high elegance and interesting thought.


Yes, it’s true, I don’t think that music is a language, but I can not stop thinking that with this record Fedrigo wanted to condense years of thoughts, ideas, experiences, elaborations, aesthetic doubts in a personal project that represents him totally, as man, as a musician, as an artist and as a bass player. I think we must be grateful for having wanted to share his humanity with us.