Giuseppe Mennuti Research-led Performance Workshop Internazionale 27 – 30 giugno 2018 on #neuguitars #blog

Interview with the Italian classical and contemporary guitar player Giuseppe Mennuti. The interview was made in Venezia, Isola di San Giorgio, Fondazione Cini.

Research-led Performance: Composizioni per FLAUTO e per CHITARRA del XX secolo Workshop internazionale 27 – 30 giugno 2018 Coordinatori: Gianmario Borio, Lennart Dohms Commissione: Elena Casoli (guitar), Federica Lotti (flute), Florindo Baldissera (guitar), Martin Fahlenbock (flute).

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  1. Terry Schumacher says:

    Maestro Brouwer has composed a “neo” baroque suite for me for performance on baroque lute, in d minor tuning. It is in 4 movements, and in the key of d minor.

    I am currently working this suite up on an 11 string guitar in baroque lute tuning. It works just as well on baroque lute. In fact it works so well I’d think Maestro Brouwer had played the baroque lute for many years before composing this amazing work.
    It’s title is: “Divertimento Barroco. ”

    I have intabulated the entire suite into baroque lute tablature, in addition to the modern notation which will be published next Fall.

    Cheers, Terry Schumacher


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