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Review of Blue Congo by GuitCussion, Brakophonic Records, 2014


Henrik Wartel – Drums //

Stefan Thorpenberg – Electric Guitars //

Per Anders Skytt – Drums //

Gunnar Backman – Fretless and Fretted 25 string Virtual Guitar, Live Loops

GuitCussions are a Swedish free jazz band, characterized by the presence of two electric guitars and two drummers / percussionists. I could define them as a group in constant sonic free fall. This CD released in 2014, Blue Congo, demonstrates a remarkable kinetic impact capacity. Over 70 minutes of distorted guitars, polyrhythms and a wild fantasy that is the background to a flow of powerful and magmatic energy, to what in some cases seems a real avalanche of sounds. Over 70 minutes of music caracterized by a wide and full-bodied sonic structure where the sounds generated by the distorted guitars and the two drums pour out generous and powerful. But there is no buzz, there is no destructive chaos, aimed at itself . The four musicians are able to maneuver in their spaces generating an all-encompassing sound where appear and disappear melodic lines, clusters of noise and rhythmic shocks. Epic, powerful and with a great overall sound. The only criticism I feel to propose is their excessive musical verbiage. Over seventy minutes are a bit dispersive, but it is also true that this can be part of their style and the choice to adopt free organizational structures.