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Review of “Furore” by Simone Massaron, Long Song Records, 2018


I had almost forgotten what a good guitar player Simone Massaron is. It’s nonsense I know, but it can happen, especially when you follow a guitarist carefully for a long time, you obsessively listen to his records and you fall in love with his poetics. In short … you feel comfortable, you think you know him well, you think that there will be no more surprises… And then one of your favorite guitarists comes out with this record, more a project than a simple record, a complex and articulated work that is translated into a music with enchanting, sincere and poetic characteristics. “Furore” is, in a certain sense, a summa, the point of arrival, the last snapshot of Massaron’s musical creative process, where everything converges: his love for blues and for American music, his interest in photography and the images, his passion for sad and moving stories, for American literature, for cinema, for a music that can narrate to the mind and to the heart.


The music is loosely based on Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” and Dorothea Lange’s photos. They are strong images, intense sensations. Massaron translates all this with his guitar into a dramatic music, melancholic but at the same intimate and caressing. Many references to American popular music, many the sounds that his guitar manages to draw out by drawing distant, dreamy atmospheres, prairies traveled by people fleeing from a destiny of misery, suburbs of cities inhabited by people looking for a better future, of a ransom, of a desire …

The independent Italian record company Long Song Records has produced an excellent job, which fits perfectly into its prestigious catalog, very good also the musicians who accompany Massaron in this project: Stefano Castagna, Giulio Corini, Nelide Bandello, Daniele Richiedei, Eloisa Manera. One of the most intense records played in 2018. Bravo Simone. You still amazed me.