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Review of Craig Green + David King, 2009 Long Song Records



It’s a long time that I am noticing a curious and unusual approach among two worlds among them in appearance incompatible: the “hight cultured” music  of clear academic and contemporary extraction and the avant-garde music that comes from the free jazz, hardcore and the downtown circuits.

I don’t know if it starts from a common reaction to the global massive culture imposed by our glabal society, or because different musicians are found for necessity or for creative impulse to develop both the roles of interpreters and composers, or because that impulse to improvisation, that thing that Boulez has called Alea with capital “A” in a comic attempt to distinguish it and “to dignify it” in comparison to the improvisation with “the” lower case letter that always alive and renews itself within the most plebeian popular music, is always conquering more consents in the contemporary music, but the fact is that I’m listening to things that could contemporarily be attributed easily to both the two “sides” of avant-garde music.


This record realized in 2008 for the Italian Long Song Records label from the guitarist Craig Green and from the drummer / pianist David Green it seems to perfectly insert itself in what as writing a little bifore: this nice cd is a trip in the experimental music that places itself between different kind of genres, an interesting crossover where the aggressive guitar of Green faces the powerful and polirithmic drum of King in a shut dialogue that is integrated by the thick doses of electronics managed from Green and from the piano played by King. In this arena there is space for everything, the passages reflect an uneasy tension that comes from a form of improvisation clearly supported by well defined structural systems in which the musicians stir to them easely with rapid and effective changes of humor and climate. Indeed a beautiful job, honor to the Long Song Records that is creating a catalog of great respect!