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Review of Moontowscansione0007er by Craig Green + David King, Long Song Records, 2012



About ten years ago the King of Convenience duo made a cute easy listening record (they fearfully winked toward Simon & Garfunkel) entitled “Quiet is the new loud.” This title has bounced me in mind listening to the second cd produced in 2012 for the Long Song Records by the duo Craig Green and David King, ideal following of their first homonym cd always produced in 2009 for the same Italian record label. The title (and only that) of the northern King of Convenience’s cd explains very well the latent tension to this new job that expresses a nonstop stream of musical conscience for more than 45 minutes among percussions, guitars and electronics.


Have the times already come for a recovery of the post-rock sonorities (Tortoise, Trans Am, David Pajo.) of the second half the ’90 or Green and King draw to the same emotional musical “reservoir” of no wave, radical improvisation, atmospheric ECM jazz, Ennio Morricone and ’50’s movie soundtracks?

Everything is possible but however this record is the ideal landscape soundtrack for a nighttime trip with the car on a desert road, with the light of the moon that weakly illuminates the contours of the things that pass around and the lights of the car and illuminate the asphalt. Or the ideal listening in a damp autumn rain’s evening or to make to the imagination running after a heavy day of job in front of a television on the dead channel.

Perhaps “All quiet on the western front”, it is true, but this is a beautiful cd.