Eliot Fisk & Paco Peña: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert on #neuguitars #blog

Eliot Fisk looks like the happiest man on the planet. Watch that face as he plays guitar. Between performing music by J.S. Bach and partnering with the world’s best flamenco guitarist, Paco Peña, Fisk can barely control his joy. I find his exuberance and their performance undeniably brilliant, inspiring and so completely universal. The repertoire here ranges from Baroque compositions by Bach and Domenico Scarlatti to present-day flamenco. And what happens when these two master players get together is a mix of meticulous and improvised, with Fisk leaning toward the former and Peña toward the latter. Fisk was a student — in fact, the last student — of the great Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia. Peña was born in Spain and is a composer in addition to being a gifted performer. On these tunes, and with Fisk, Peña tends to never play the same thing quite the same way. It makes for music that’s filled with craft (watch those fingers fly!) and surprise for both the player and the audience. –BOB BOILEN

Set List Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata in D Major K.33 Bach: Prelude in F major, BWV 927 Sabicas: “Farruca” Peña: “El nuevo día (Colombiana)”

Credits Producers: Bob Boilen, Denise DeBelius; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Videographers: Denise DeBelius, Olivia Merrion; Production Assistant: Meredith Rizzo; photo by Meredith Rizzo/NPR

Thanks to NPR Youtube Channel



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  1. Perhaps the guitarist Mario Escudero, the partner of Sabicas on the original recording, had some part in the creation of the beautiful ‘Farruca’. The ‘Colombiana’ (sic) was, of course, composed by Paco Pena and was published in his book ‘Toques Flamencos’, a godsend to players wishing to venture into the art of flamenco when it appeared in 1976. Perhaps Eliot Fisk could have more fun joining Paco in the latter’s ‘catchy’ rumba ‘Herencia Latina’ and other pieces in the collection.


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