John Cage’s week: Equivoci by Maurizio Grandinetti, Manifesto, 2003 on #neuguitars #blog


Equivoci by Maurizio Grandinetti, Il Manifesto, 2003

1. And The Earth Shall Bear Again°
2. Fancy P.73 *
3. Totem Ancestor°
4. Fantasia P.1 *
5. A Room°
6. Fancy P.6 *
7. Music for Marcel Duchamp°
8. John Langton’s Pavan *
9. Prelude °
10. Summer (preservation)°
11. Farewell *
12. In a Landscape°
13. A dream *
14. Dream°
°composition by John Cage
*composition by John Dowland

Take two centuries, XVII and XX, two amazing fertile periods, where discoveries, changes, creativity and art blew as the Renaissance and the Twentieth century. Take two composers, musicians, men of culture who were able to “sign” their times, both named John: John Dowland and John Cage. It’s hard to find something common between them, nothing but the undeniable fact that none of them has ever composed music specifically for the classical guitar.


And so? So. Let’s think we can find a contemporary classical guitarist, Maurizio Grandinetti, skilled with a musical vision and a depth of language that can allow him to make a recording project based on eight scores by Cage and six pieces by Dowland arranged for classical guitar, alternating between them so as to be able to realize a unique musical and integrated body where the different music tracks are so mixed togheter to permit to the listener to forget which John is listening to. Grandinetti made a notable work to give to his guitar those metallic, percussive, almost gamelan sounds for Cage’s prepared piano, and , at the same time, to create the beauty of the sounds that express the music of Dowland.


The result is a brilliant, original record, aptly titled Equivoci (Misconceptions) that although released in 2003, after all these years hasn’t lost its freshness and musical brilliance. You can play a lot with this cd, I invite you to program your player so that to allow you to listen only the Cage’s tracks and then only the Dowland’s ones and then mixing them all with the random function, it’s nice to discover the “convergences and divergences “, savor the great Misconception which basically is always the same: the music is not divided into classical, jazz, rock, etc. but in good or bad, and here we have only the good one.