Marco Cappelli plays PI-ANODE by Otomo Yoshihide @ Mannes College, New York on #neuguitars #blog

This concert took place on July 10th 2010 for the10th NEW YORK GUITAR SEMINAR – The Cutting Edge: New Visions in the Art of Guitar (Mannes Concert Hall, Mannes College – New York).

The program was introduced by a short solo with “experimental music” through 5 centuries, in which Cappelli played in a sequence the following three pieces:

1)Alonso Mudarra (c.1510 – 1580) – Fantasia X Que Contrahaze La Harpa En La Manera De Ludovico

2)Fernando Sor (1778 – 1839) – Etude op. 29 n.9

3) Otomo Yoshihide (1959) – PI Anode (*) (*) Part of EGP_ Extreme Guitar Project.

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