#Review of 22.22 Free Radiohead by Paolo Angeli, AnMa ReR PA 11, 2019 on #neuguitars #blog

Nude (cover) digital

Review of 22.22 Free Radiohead by Paolo Angeli, AnMa ReR PA 11, 2019


Attention attention. You read correctly: the album officially comes out in 2019, in January, after the Epiphany. From December 6, the new single is available, Nude. This review is based on the absolute preview that Paolo Angeli has kindly wanted to grant to Neuguitars, in the name of a long friendship.


I awaited this record. I was waiting with the anxiety and desire of a fan, now almost fifty, that light anxiety of the passionate that is one of the reasons why I love to buy, listen and write about music, because in music I always tried and found those reasons to move forward and to try to improve myself. I was waiting for this record. Or rather, I was waiting for the change. The next step, the new sea current that Paolo would have chosen after the 2017 live album “Talea”. I suspected in that album the elaboration of a mature and complete shape. The final elaboration, no longer surmountable, of an aesthetic matrix that had reached its full, satisfied completeness and beyond which it was not possible to continue except by repeating cliches already felt and experienced. It had already happened in 2010 with “Tibi”: Paolo had reached the maximum form allowed for the evolution started with “Tessuti” and then he had changed course, direction, points of reference.

Cover 22.22 free radiohead

I expected this change, it was in the air. Paolo had cleverly disseminated the web with videos and previews of his versions of Radiohead music and I was waiting.

Actually I did not know what exactly to expect, unlike “Tessuti” where he played the music of Bjork and Frith, two musicians that I know well enough, my knowledge about Radiohead is rather poor and it did not allow me to orient myself in the changes and variations proposed by Paolo.

I was hoping for something like “Tessuti”. You know. That freshness. That serene anarchy. That sense of almost Japanese incompleteness that makes a work perfect for its open and evolving definition. I wanted to feel the evolution of the work again. And I was satisfied. The album is beautiful and evocative, Paolo always hits with his repertoire of technical inventions and the sounds of his invented prepared guitar. But I know there’s something else. There are Radiohead, reinvented and reinterpreted. There is a new text that we can read. There is a world whose geographies have been rewritten and redefined. But I do not know that world, Radiohead records, very well. I came along and I skipped it. Yes sure, I listened to them but never with the attention I had to devote to them, I arrived late and you know how it is, I postponed the meeting. Yes, of course, the music of 22.22 Free Radiohead is very good standing alone, but I’m like that. Thanks to Paolo Angeli, the time has come to deal with their cultural heritage and to fill a gap: I ordered their box set. It will come giving me time to listen to their music and I hope to find new coordinates with which to re-read this record. After all, this is the beauty of music. To listen. Search for. Trace trajectories and then start listening again. On 22.22 Free Radiohead we will be back next year. Thanks again, Paolo.