GuitarS Speak #podcast December 16 2018 on #neuguitars #blog

“Coming up next on KOWS Community Radio, it’s “GuitarS Speak” with me, Andrea Aguzzi, presenting an hour of unique and exploratory guitar music. Stay tuned for the unusual sounds. It’s time for GuitarS Speak!”


The PLAYLIST! GuitarS Speak was on air on KOWC Community Radio December 16 2018.


1) Giacomo Baldelli plays “Untill it Blazes”, composed by Eve Beglarian, from his last record “Electric Creatures – Sussidiaria – 2018

2) Elena Càsoli plays Solare, composed by Fausto Romitelli, from the cd “Fausto Romitelli Solare – Stradivarius – 2018

3) Sergio Sorrentino plays “Dream”, composed by John Cage, from his las record “Dream American Music for Electric Guitar – Mode Records – 2018

4) Simone Massaron plays “Tom’s Dust”, composed by himself, from his last record “Furore – Long Song Records – 2018

5) Eraldo bernocchi plays Meet me where you know”, composed by himself, from his last record Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It – RareNoiseRecords – 2018″

6) Arturo Tallini plays “ChahaX”, composed by Maurizio Pisati, from his last record “Rosso Improvviso – EMA Vinci Contemporanea 2018

7) Daniel Lippel plays “Electric Counterpoint”, composed by Steve Reich, from his record “Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint – New Focus Recordings – 2016


GuitarS Speak is the radio show of Neuguitars Blog and it’s devoted to contemporary, avant-garde and experimental music for guitar.

“KOWS-lp FM is an FCC licensed Community Radio Station broadcasting from Occidental, CA, and serving West Sonoma County.