GuitarS Speak #podcast December 23 2018 on #neuguitars #blog



“Coming up next on KOWS Community Radio, it’s “GuitarS Speak” with me, Andrea Aguzzi, presenting an hour of unique and exploratory guitar music. Stay tuned for the unusual sounds. It’s time for GuitarS Speak!”

The PLAYLIST! GuitarS Speak was on air on KOWC Community Radio December 23 2018.

1) Paolo Angeli plays “Nude”, composed by himself, from his last record “22.22 Free Radiohead – 2019”

2) Quarto Ensamble plays “Good News”, composed by Marco Oppedisano, from the cd “Musica para Cuarteto de Guitarras Eletricas – 2018”

3) Joe Morris and Mary Halvorson play “Constant Between””, composed by Joe Morris and Mary Halvorson, from their last record “Traversing Orbits – RogueArt – 2018”

4) The J. & F. Band plays “Gone to Soon”, composed by Joe Fonda, from their last record “From the Roots to the Sky – Long Song Records 2018”

5) Ratko Zjaca plays “Baracoa”, composed by himself, from his last record “Life on earth – In + Out Records – 2018″

6) Antonio Amodeo plays “Sobre un Canto de Pilon”, composed by Simon Rodriguez Porras, from his last record “Continuidad y Deformacion – TYXart – 2018”

7) Otomo Yoshihide and Nilssen-love Paal play “Cat”, composed by Otomo Yoshihide and Nilssen-love Paal, from their record “19th of May 2016 – PNL Records – 2016”

GuitarS Speak is the radio show of Neuguitars Blog and it’s devoted to contemporary, avant-garde and experimental music for guitar.

“KOWS-lp FM is an FCC licensed Community Radio Station broadcasting from Occidental, CA, and serving West Sonoma County.