Gabriel Estarellas plays Musica Contemporanea Spagnola e Italiana per Chitarra (1998, Stradivarius STR 33401) on #neuguitars #blog


Gabriel Estarellas plays Musica Contemporanea Spagnola e Italiana per Chitarra (1998, Stradivarius STR 33401)

“But why this unceasing search for meaning or interpretation? It is not at all obvious that an art requires this; of all the arts, then, music is certainly the one that requires it less. Although it is the most closely related to emotions, in fact the music is completely abstract; it has no formal representation power. “Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia


Now let’s compare these words with those of Inkyung Hwang, collected in “The long train of John Cage” page 17: “… contemporary art must contain questions, rather than being a simple representation of reality. The artist is not obliged to provide answers, each viewer can search for them individually by completing the sense of the work, taking on a very important active role, and since it is said that the answers must necessarily be there, the work is always a “open” form.
This record seems to move between these words, between these two definitions of what both music and contemporary art are. The repertoire played here is a summa of extremely interesting and not so often performed Spanish and Italian authors, we start with Luis de Pablo and the four movements of his Fábula (I … el caracol, hermano de la cloud – II … a pure arpegio de oro venerable – III … you expondré el caso de la mandolina – IV … y sobre el piano olvida el color verde), with Codex by Cristobal Halffter, completing the Spanish tour with José Luis Turinae and his Monólogos del viento y de la roca.
About Italian composers we find Goffredo Petrassi with his Suoni Notturni, Giorgio Federico Ghedini and his Studio da concerto and Bruno Bettinelli with Quattro pezzi (I.Introduzione – II.Tocatta – III.Notturno – IV.Ritmico).
Listen to this music, listen to the questions that it ask and that you ask yourself, maybe you’ll feel a little better. Attention, it is not a simple listening, but the patience and a good dose of introspective research will give you great satisfaction.

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