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Review by Otto Tolonen’s Retratos, Alba Records, 2018




Fantastic. Exciting album. A sophisticated, elegant combination of music, talent, expression and creativity. What’s striking about this record? Exceptional listening quality. It seems incredible. In this era of spootify, flat recordings, brilliantly inexpressive and without any subtlety for refined listening Alba Records makes a small masterpiece, a jewel of transparencies and colors expressed by a fantastic SuperAudio CD. The repertoire performed: I am really happy, as an Italian, that Maestro Otto Tolonen wanted to record a masterpiece of contemporary guitar as “Las Seis Cuerdas” by Maestro Alvaro Company. I am happy as a record collector, I think that this is only the second time that these music are recorded while they find little space in the repertoire of classical guitarists. I am happy to listen to again the “Due Canzoni Lidie” by Nuccio D’Angelo and I am impressed by the delicate and precise interpretations of Piazzolla’s “Las Estaciones Portenas”, elegantly divided and separated among the other pieces , almost as if to pick up a path every time, a logical thread in the repertoire here played. A very refined album where, for me, they are less interesting, but performed in an excellent way titles like “Alfonsina y el Mar” by Ariel Ramirez and “Nocturne” and “Reverie” by Regondi. If you buy only one record a year of classical guitar … buy this record.