Manuel Göttsching Lecture (Berlin 2018) | Red Bull Music Academy on #neuguitars #blog

Manuel Göttsching discussed his feelings about the term “krautrock,” Ash Ra Tempel’s work with Timothy Leary and the making of E2-E4 in his RBMA Berlin 2018 lecture. #RBMA20 #krautrock

19:11 – The story of Ash Ra Tempel
27:24 – The meaning of Krautrock
29:34 – Meeting Timothy Leary
41:28 – The beginning of a solo career
49:54 – Guitar demonstration
58:56 – The story of E2-E4

19:23 – Ash Ra Tempel – “Amboss”…
36:59 – Ash Ra Tempel & Timothy Leary – “Power Drive”…
45:41 – Manuel Göttsching – “Echo Waves”… 58:45 – E2:E4…

Manuel Göttsching is a German music icon, arguably one of the country’s most dynamic and influential talents. In the early ’70s, he co-founded and played lead guitar for pioneering Krautrock group Ash Ra Tempel, which in addition to releasing several heralded albums, inspired space rock and psychedelic bands like Philadelphia’s Hash Jar Tempo. During the mid-’70s, Göttsching released several works of minimalist guitar music. Then, in 1984, he made a surprising left turn with the release E2-E4. Recognized as one of the “Best Albums of the ’80s” by Pitchfork, E2-E4 seamlessly wed Göttsching’s work on the guitar with minimal electronic music. Today, it is often credited as an essential forebear for house and techno. In 1989, part of E2-E4 was remixed by Sueño Latino for their eponymous smash single, which was later remixed by in 1992 by Detroit’s Derrick May. Then, in 1994, Carl Craig sampled E2-E4 for “Remake (Uno).” Since then, Göttsching has resurrected Ash Ra Tempel under the name Ashra and continued to compose a variety of new music.